Headlights illuminate the way at night, in bad weather and in low-light conditions. They're a vital but often overlooked automotive component. Here's your quick intro, straight from the experienced techs of our Harbin Chevrolet service department.

Sealed-Beam vs. Composite

Sealed-beam headlights were an industry norm up until the 1970s. They consist of bulbs hermetically sealed in sturdy housing designed to prevent ingress of debris. Replacement requires an entirely new, intact headlight assembly. Composite headlights have sealed assemblies you can disassemble to replace the bulb only. Newer sealed-beam headlights contain holes through which you can reach and replace bulbs as needed.

Lighting Type

Halogen was king for decades and remains a standard the world over. Newer technologies, such as HID, Xenon, LED and laser are now as common. Each lighting type produces light in a different way, so the type of light has a different:

  • Color (temperature)
  • Brightness (lumens)
  • Lifespan

Owing to the extreme brightness and efficiency of HID. Xenon and LED, these lighting types often end up becoming high beams, while either of them or halogen continue to dominate low beams and other lighting assemblies on your vehicle's exterior and interior.


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