The Chevrolet Trax is a popular, compact SUV that offers impressive performance on both congested Scottsboro streets and long freeway drives. Built to offer maximum power and agility at a condensed and easy-to-park size, the Trax also boasts an impressive suite of safety features. When visiting Harbin Chevrolet to experience the Chevrolet Trax firsthand, be sure to check out these outstanding safety technologies.

Side Blind Zone Alert

The available Side Blind Zone Alert in the new Chevrolet Trax will keep drivers aware of unexpected lane changes made by other drivers. Whether someone is unintentionally veering out of their lane or driving too aggressively, you'll get a clear, visible warning in your side mirror. This will give you plenty of time to react for effective collision prevention or mitigation.

Identify Pedestrians and Other Obstructions With the Rear Vision Camera

Also available in the Chevrolet Trax is the Rear Vision Camera. This feature will automatically engage whenever the vehicle is in reverse to clearly display live images of all that lies behind you. With the Rear Vision Camera, backing out of your driveway or out of public parking spaces can be done confidently and entirely worry-free.



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