Every design feature on a modern vehicle should have a purpose. The Chevrolet Malibu adds design elements and attributes that add to the beauty and innovation of this sedan everywhere you look. As a brand known for its muscular cars, the Chevrolet Malibu fits into this automaker's aesthetic aspirations well.

A classy front end is the first thing passersby will see on this model. A sleek dual-port grille is complimented by a chrome finish, while this sedan's sophistication shines through in its body contours that slide down its side panels all the way to the rear. LED daytime running lamps create better visibility on the road, while also adding the essence of sophistication to the Malibu.

Not only will the Chevy Malibu look good coming at you, but it is also good-looking as it leaves, too. A dual exhaust adds a modern appeal and is expected of contemporary sedans, so the Chevy Malibu incorporates them into its design. Not to mention, LED tail lamps notify drivers in the rear of halting efforts with their bright demeanor.


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